Due to the trend great investments in the building of luxury hotels on the Adriatic, significantly raises quality holidays of yachtsmen. The role of the size of the boats is not more important and the outfitting of the boat becomes more important. This trend will continue.


Dual console Blueway 20 SD-C boat for its functionality and equipment brings a lot of innovation in relation to existing boats up to 6 m length of the hull and can become enclosed spacious sundeck, with huge lounging area in rear part and relax area in front .

Thanks to variety of equipment Blueway 20 SD can be converted from a family sport boat that’s perfectly set-up for swimming of the boat or wakeboarding during day, to a serious renting boat usefull for more days cruising using hotels or seaside camping during night.

  • Windshield across the width of the boat protects the cockpit from the wind,
  • The mark SD-C for the complete closure of the fixed roof of the boat with awning.
  • Double bed in the cockpit 200×180 cm
  • Double bed of 200 cm lenght in the cabin
  • Double bed 200×140 on the sun deck for daily use
  • Removable table with side additions in which LPG Companion Single Burner Stove
  • Input / exit ​​with bow handles with a height of 67 cm and treads made of polypropylene
  • The 80 cm heigh cockpit gives child safety
  • Platform without obstruction and swimming ladders D25 to enter the sea, submerged 80 cm
  • Sliding doors in the middle of 60 cm, mounted completly outside the cabin.
  • Skipper’s and co-driver separate chairs that descend or rotate, and between is passage 70 cm wide.
  • Boxes below skipper’s chair for education.
  • Space for fridge 12V in the cabin behind the cockpit below.
  • Toilet with sewage tank and macerator pump
  • Fresh water system at stern with solid PE tank with water and shower handle.
  • Engine up to 140 hp with hydraulically controlled stearig.
  • Consumption at cruising speed About 1 l / Nm
  • A large storage area on the stern in which is possible to enter
  • Seating height in the cabin during a storm I are the toilet, 145 cm
  • A personalized certificate
  • Maximum Number of persons C5 / D7

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