Boat tests

Given the number of innovative solutions that Boat BLUEWAY 20 SD-C has, before buying the boat you definitely need to acquire a basic introduction to the boat. It is possible that all people are not able to accept each new solution. If you buys boat for the family, it is best that the whole family attends to the test.

Do not hesitate to call us to arrange a test sail  of the boats and agreed for the  appropriate equipment. Book a test drive at a time!

Probe drive is performed for free in Sand bay (Pješčana Uvala), 5 km from Pula. We expect the test drive the boat for the  interested buyers to start from 01.Aprila 2017.

It is enough to announce your visit to the tel: 098 625086 or send us information regarding your visits to:, or

From 01.Aprila 2017 on you will find a report at this page, from tests during sea trials of the BLUEWAY 20 SD-c boat. Youa are wilcome. We could arrange your stay in Pješčana Uvala or Pula.


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