About us

In addition to developing projects for the new block of we have a wealth of experience with:

  1. Reconstruction of the hull (metal, wooden structure and fiberglass)
  2. Replacing engines
  3. Create all the necessary budget
  4. Development of classification of documents
  5. Development of working documentation

Previous experience has shown that is the biggest contribution to design with the vessel when there is a possibility that during the smog process fully spend the idea. This is why we decided on the basis of its own analysis carried out independently complete the job, from the very beginning to the final use of the project in operation.

Our core business is the manufacture and sale of new boats. The first boat we have built and designed brings novelty and rarity on the market by the fact that attempts to place a maximum of design and use these to point out every detail. The boat is made in fiberglass, from modern materials that guarantee the quality and durability. With its functionality, comfort and creative futristic design, the boat is designed primarily for recreational boating and sport fishing. Superior construction and stability will enable you sail in all weather conditions

The prototype boats that we built, is a novelty in the market, due to the fact the entire area of ​​the boat can make the most of the numerous functions. The hull boats are made of fiberglass, by top manufacturers (or a self-constructed – small boats production of polyester boats) of high-quality materials, ensuring quality and durability of the boat. Its functionality, comfort and creative futrističkim design, the boat is designed primarily for daily RENTALS (rent a boat) and multi-day cruise, charter, for a small number of people. The boat can also be used for recreational boating and sport fishing in all seasons. The robust design of the boat and stability at sea allows the boat sailing on the difficult weather conditions.

Blue Way d.o.o

  • Small ship , motor yacht and boat design  i mouldmaker and boat rent company
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